Eagles House League for first time or recreational boys players
Basketball continues to grow in our community and with the success of the Toronto Raptors we see more and more kids who want to try basketball. Bedford Basketball supports this growth and wants to make sure that every interested player gets the chance to play in a setting that best matches their skill set. We’ve heard from many parents who have children interested in playing basketball but aren’t ready to commit to a full team experience or they play multiple sports and can’t commit to a full season. The House League is responding to the needs of these parents and players.   
The difference between the Eagles House League and our traditional recreation program is that they will NOT play in the Metro League. Instead they will get one skills based practice where players will learn the fundamentals of the game from a qualified and experienced coach and then get to use those skills by playing games where learning and fun are the main goals. 

This new program is targeted to recreation boys, kids who are new to basketball or kids who play multiple sports where basketball is not their primary sport. Practice and game nights will be the same throughout the week with no games on the weekends. This makes planning or being available for other activities easier and less challenging for busy parents. 
Bedford Basketball is committed to developing the love of sport and keep as many kids active and playing as possible. The Eagles House League is another way we are working to keep players active and engaged. 


U14 Girls games are moving to Sunday’s for the upcoming MBA season.


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