Bedford Classic 2019 Tournaments

Welcome to the 2019 Bedford Classic!

On behalf of the Board of Bedford Minor Basketball and all of its members, we want to welcome you all to our 31st Annual Bedford Classic Tournament. For many, it is a welcome back.
Being part of a Basketball tournament of this magnitude (21 facilities, 168 teams, 339 games and more than 1800 players) means a great deal of coordination on behalf of hundreds of volunteers. Without them, these games would not happen. We are fortunate as well to have a number of new and returning sponsors who help support our event. We would encourage all of us to support those who support the Bedford Classic.

Events such as the Bedford Classic provide athletes with the opportunity to develop their skills while learning teamwork, dedication, and fair play attributes that are necessary for future success in sport and in life.  Through the sport of basketball, people can come to share a common perspective and gain a better understanding of one another.

We wish all of you the best over the coming days and we would ask all participants and fans to demonstrate their best sportsmanship so that everyone leaves feeling like winners.  We’d encourage all to cheer for your favorite teams while being respectful of those officials, volunteers and participants who make this event a reality.  Many of us have fond memories of past participation in the Bedford Classic and it is our sincere wish that new memories will be created over the coming days.

Best Wishes and Good Luck!

Lori Matheson
President, Bedford Minor Basketball Association