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1 month ago

Bedford Eagles
Stay safe and healthy everyone!Dear Bedford Eagles Family,The omicron variant is here in Nova Scotia and the Eagles family is not immune from its impact. The association has had a number of players, coaches and parents confirmed as COVID positive. We have not seen a major outbreak but the risk of transmission and illness is real.After much discussion and consideration the board has made the decision to pause all games and practices - effective immediately - for the remainder of 2021, with hopes to restart again in the New Year.While some may see this as a responsible move others may see it as an overreaction given that public health has not formally canceled youth sport. These are the primary reasons for our decision:COVID is in our community and has already impacted a number of our teams. As many teams have already experienced, the association has been struggling with gym time as various schools have entered COVID protocol and closed their doors to outside groups. This has forced us to double up and in some cases triple up gym time. Under the new gathering limits and under the current circumstances it is the judgment of the board that this is no longer a responsible way to continue.Secondly, close contacts are now required to self isolate while they await PCR test results. This has the potential to force families to isolate throughout the holiday season - not something we want to put on young children and their families. Thirdly, youth (5-11 year olds) vaccines are still rolling out with most only having one dose. The association has a responsibility to act in the best interest of all players, especially those who are not yet fully vaccinated. Bedford Basketball is not ignoring the advice from public health. Our reality in Bedford is that we already have spread within our community/association. We make this decision understanding that shutting down means most teams will miss their final game before xmas. This is not something anyone wants for our players or coaches who are working hard to develop our players. However, shutting down also means we could help prevent further spread and reduce the number of young children from having to spend the holidays in isolation or worse be sick with the virus. The board explored a variety of options but it was agreed that a full shut down for the final week is the responsible decision and best positions us to restart safely again in the New Year. This has been a long and frustrating few years - but we must always prioritize the health and safety of our players, coaches, parents and community at large. We hope everyone has a safe and healthy holiday season. We know this is disappointing but also hope people understand we are doing our best to balance health and safety with our love of basketball. Bedford Eagles Board ... See MoreSee Less
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