U16 Boys Teams

Our players and coaches are eager to in the gym to practice, but we do know several players on these lists are going to be trying out for varsity and junior varsity teams over the next few weeks. Although we’ll miss them if they leave, we wish them luck in their high school tryouts. We do expect some of the girls to be successful and that will mean that we will have to make adjustments to the Bedford teams. So although we are posting the rosters – we are expecting changes.

As per MBA Rules:

13.Division 1 High School Exclusion

13.1.With the exception of those specified in Rule 13.3, a player who plays on a Division 1 High school team is not eligible to play in the MBA in the same season.

Thank you in advance for your understanding
Bedford Minor Basketball

Team Gibb – REP
Ethan Bragg
Caden Evans
Kadyn Howe
Hewson MacDonald
Haydn McDermott
Max Murphy
Rayan Alouzi
Riyad Otman
Jacob Oyler
Kai Palov
Samuel Song

Team Durling – REP
Gassan Alkurdi
Eric Zhao
Owen Boyden
Benen Cormier
Richard Dong
Alex Durling
Bilal Ibrahim
Daniel Lane
steven mata
Logan Thorpe

Team Moore – REC
Ali Abuswer
Ben Baptiste-Burns
Hunter Burns
Seamus Cote Moss
Ryan Duffus
Calum MacDonald
Brady Moore
Daniel Nguyen
Nathanial Upshaw
Evan Vallee
Keagan MacPhail
Chris Campbell

Team Orabi – REC
Arad Ahadi
Ryan Arsenault
Dawson Bennett Magee
Jonathan Carson
Clay Conrod
Ridwan Hoque
Dylen Keel
Maxime Michaud