Refund Policy

A partial refund will be provided to any player withdrawing prior to November 21st. The refund is reduced by an administration fee that considers transaction costs, gym costs for tryouts, and time elapsed since registration. The refund fee structure is outlined below.

Refund Period                                                    *Admin Fee
Through to October 24th, 2020                            $15.00
October 25th, 2019 to November 7th, 2020       $30.00
November 8th to November 21st, 2020             $45.00
Extra Gym Fee Admin                                            $30.00

*Based on date of Email Notification to
Fees subject to annual review.

After November 21st refunds will not be permitted. In extenuating circumstances (e.g. injury), a partial refund may be provided subject to a decision by the BMBA Executive.