The mission of the Changing the Game Project is to ensure that we return youth sports to our children, and put the 'play' back in 'play ball.'


1. There is mention of there being “Rec” and “Rep” basketball teams, what is the difference?
BMBA provides the opportunity for players of all skill levels to participate in the wonderful game of basketball.   Although we do recognize that there are many different skill sets amongst the players, our objective is to try to insure that each player is able to be sufficiently challenged while also having fun in a supportive setting. If we achieve our goal of properly assessing players and placing them in the correct environment, the outcome for all parties involved (players, parents, coaches etc.) is much more satisfying.

“Rec” teams are for players who enjoy the great game of basketball in a setting with a commitment of one practice per week and have one game per week in the league on the weekend. REC teams sometimes play in tournaments or exhibition games in addition to the regular weekly league games.

“REP” teams are for players who also enjoy basketball but want to compete at a higher level of play.  REP teams practice commitment consists of two practices per week and one game in the league on the weekend.  Players on REP teams must pay an additional $100 (2019-20 season) for the extra practice time.  REP teams usually travel as well for exhibition games and tournaments and as such have a bigger time and financial commitment associated with them.

2. My child has other activities during the week. Can you tell me what night his/her basketball practice will be on so I can ensure there won’t be conflicts?
During the registration period (throughout August and early September), information as to which night your child will be practicing is not available (except for the Tots program). This information only becomes available once registration closes, evaluations are held, and coaches and teams are assembled (normally in late September or early October). If your child has a specific unavoidable conflict on a certain night, please let the Divisional Coordinators know during the Classification process and this will be taken into account during the team selection process. Although it often works out, we cannot guarantee with certainty that conflicts will be avoided, due to limited gym availability and the need to accommodate the commitments of our volunteer coaches.

3. When will my child’s weekly game occur?
Metro Basketball Association (MBA) league games occur on Saturday for junior mini boys and girls; mini boys and girls and bantam girls and on, Sunday for bantam boys, midget/juvenile girls, midget boys and juvenile boys. Games can occur anytime in the morning or afternoon. These games are scheduled by the MBA based on gym availability and referee schedules.

4. What does the registration fee cover?
Your registration fee covers all the costs of running your child’s basketball team from September until the end of the regular season in March, including:  gym rental fees for one practice a week (REP players pay extra for their second practice); team registration in the Metro Basketball Association (which includes gym time, referees, scorekeepers and league playoffs); team registration in the annual Bedford Classic tournament; team equipment; player and volunteer insurance; player registration with Basketball Nova Scotia and Canada basketball.

5. Are there any other costs over and above the registration fee?
Costs not included in the registration fees include extra tournament fees and Nova Scotia Provincial Championship tournament fees. These fees must be covered by your team and range from $200-$400 per team per tournament. The team cost of the annual Bedford Classic tournament is part of the registration fees. The registration fee also does not cover a second weekly practice time, gym rental and exhibition games.

6. Do I also need to purchase a uniform and a ball?
No. Uniforms are provided and are given to the players at the beginning of the season. A post dated uniform deposit cheque is collected and is destroyed as long as the uniform is returned in good order at the end of the season. The coach is given all practice and game balls for the players to use.

7. When can I expect practices and games to begin?
After player classifications sessions and  team selection are complete, teams are assembled and you can expect practices to begin shortly thereafter. Typically, practices start late September or early October and the first MBA game happens on the last Saturday of October each year.

8. How long does the season last?
The season runs to early February with play-offs beginning shortly thereafter.  MBA playoffs are over by late-February or early-March. However, after the MBA playoffs are complete, many teams will continue to practice into April if their team will be entering Basketball Nova Scotia’s Provincial tournament or the Junior Mini Jamboree.

9. My child has never played basketball before and I’m concerned he/she will end up on a team with “seasoned veterans” and never touch the ball. Is this possible?
It is the goal of the Team Classification Process to place players on teams with other players of similar skill level – we have found this to provide the best opportunity for players to learn and develop and have a fun time.  There will be a range in skill on a team but BMBA encourages coaches to have all players participate and learn in both practices and games.

10. Can you inform me of any existing subsidy programs that provide registration financial assistance?
There are opprotunities available to assist families with the financial costs of participating in youth basketball.  If you require assistance, please contact the BMBA Registrar (bmbaregistrar@gmail.com).  You request will be kept in confidence between the Registrar and the VP – Treasurer.  KidSport Nova Scotia program provides up to $300/year/child. HRM also runs a program called HRM Kids (Healthy Recreation Motivates Kids).

11. How does team alignment occur within the League? We got beat by 40 points last week.
The Metro Basketball Association is responsible for aligning all the teams within the league.  You can read more about their process here:
Division Alignment

12. How can I ensure my son/daughter gets fair playing time?
BMBA considers itself a “fair play” organization and as such we have a BMBA Playing Time Policy.

13. Why do we have to practice outside of Bedford?
We need over 80 hours a week of practice time with a club our size. We can’t get enough gym space in the following Bedford gyms – Bedford Hammonds Plains Community Centre, Basinview School, Bedford South, Englewood, Rocky Lake and Bedford Educational Centre. Last year only 50% of our required practice time was able to be scheduled in those gyms. If we want our players to continue to get better and learn the game, we need to schedule practices outside the available gyms in Bedford.