Coach & Fan Conduct

The Bedford Classic is a Fair Play Tournament and it is important that coaches and fans act

Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their parents/fans. When fans are belligerent or rude, degrading to officials, players and/or coaches, we request that coaches politely ask their fans to stop their negativity.

If, in the view of the game official, facility manager, or tournament chair the negativity persists, the coach of the offending spectator will be requested to remove the individual/s from the gym area for the balance of the game. If this is not done in a timely manner or the inappropriate conduct continues the offending team will be deemed to have defaulted the game.

Any coach ejected from a game is suspended from their succeeding scheduled game (out of the gym, not just off the bench).

Should the coaches conduct involve unacceptable behaviour and language that doesn’t belong in youth sport – the suspension will be increased to a maximum of 3 games. Extreme language will result in an automatic 3 game suspension. Suspensions will not be appealable.

The above will be enforced at all times during the Bedford Classic regardless of whether the conduct occurs before, during, or following a scheduled game.

All coach conduct discipline will be reviewed by the Bedford Classic Committee.