Classifications for the U10 to U14 groups are scheduled and listed below by age and gender. All U16 and up will follow next week.

We are tweaking the process this season to try and improve it. So please be aware of that. Kids that listed REP and REC will now be going separately to begin. As the process continues any players that need to move between these two will be notified as laid out on the schedule pages. Anyone who did not select either REP or REC we assumed on our end you meant REC if that is not the case for you – please email me at   
REP players MUST attend minimum of TWO sessions.  REC players are encouraged to attend TWO as well but it is not mandatory.

Difference between REP and REC

A few housekeeping things to remember:

NO PARENTS or SPECTATORS are permitted into the gyms during classifications – this season that also includes parent coaches. This helps put the players at ease – and removes as much bias as possible from the process.

All players will be given a reversible jersey to use for this process over the 2-3 sessions and MUST return it at end of their season or there will be an extra 20.00 charge. These jerseys are to be worn at practice throughout the season. If someone withdraws – the jersey must be returned or their refund will be charged the 20.00.  Uniforms will be dispersed once players are assigned to teams. Parents are asked to bring a post dated cheque for a uniform/Jersey deposit – for 100.00 – dated for April 15th, 2019. This cheque is only cashed if the uniform is lost or damaged. Please try to remember to bring this – we have well over 500 kids playing this season and volunteers trying to keep everything organized so it helps us immensely to get everything together at the same time.

Please bring a full water bottle and indoor sneakers along with a basketball if you have one and proper attire, shorts and top and most importantly a smile and positive attitude!

U10 Boys Classification Schedule
U10 Girls Classification Schedule

U12 Boys Classification Schedule
U12 Girls Classification Schedule

U14 Boys Classification Schedule
U14 Girls Classification Schedule

U16 Boys Classification Schedule
U16-18 Girls Classification Schedule

An important note – BMBA communicates through email and on their website.  We use a listserve product to email everyone as there are alot of folks in each age bracket and as such, sometimes our communications will disappear into your SPAM filters.  Please make sure to whitelist this email ( to make sure you know what is happening in regards to schedules for your son/daughter.  If email is not your thing – please know that schedules are ALWAYS posted online and kept updated.  If all else fails and you are still unsure – pop me an email at this address.