We are excited to be announcing the NEW Bedford Academy

What is it: 
A new, exciting approach to developing our players and coaches within the club.  The focus will be development of skills in a structured way run by certified coaches. All players in the Academy will be developing their skills during games and practices entirely within the Bedford Eagles Club. Players will be placed on teams, and will practice together and play against other teams in their age group within the academy. The Academy won’t be a part of the city wide MBANS league. They will have one practice a week and one game a week at a set time and place each week. 

Why the Academy? 
Due to increased enrollment over the last few years, it is difficult to secure trained coaches for all of our teams. We are extremely fortunate when we have volunteers and we appreciate them but the club wants to provide an environment for the best opportunity for player development for EVERYONE. The club wants to provide an environment where players are coached by certified coaches trained in Canada Basketball courses. Doing this provides the environment players need to develop their skills. All teams will practice equal playing time.  Along with a learning environment, we want all players to have a great, fun experience and develop a love for the game.

To assist with player development, there will be more games played in the Academy than in the MBANS league allowing more opportunities to develop skills in a game situation. This along with practices led by certified coaches will provide all players with the best training opportunity. 

Who is this program for?
This program is the perfect pathway for players who currently play in lower REC levels that want to improve their basketball skills or someone who is a multi-sport athlete, or someone who has other activities and would benefit from the set schedule. It is also a terrific opportunity for someone new to the sport. Providing certified coaches will allow the players to really develop their skills in the right environment.